About the company

KOSTAL now operates in 21 countries worldwide

KOSTAL  is an independent family business established in 1912 in the German town of Lüdenscheid. The international group’s headquarters  are still located in the birthplace of the company established by Leopold Kostal (his original surname was Košťál), who came from z Mnichova Hradiště.

The group currently operating on 21 countries worldwide focuses on the development and production of electronic equipment  and electromechanical components. Numerous major industrial companies, including the world’s biggest car makers, are among KOSTAL’s customers.

All activities pursued by KOSTAL centre on achieving the highest possible quality of products. Significant attention is therefore paid to research and development of new products and their thorough testing at all development and production stages.  As employees are they key to the company’s success, large amounts of finance are continously invested in their training and proffesional development.