Quality policy

Quality is the basis of all the activities carried out at KOSTAL. The company management assumes that every employee will contribute their share to achieving the required quality and customer expectations. Therefore, every employee at KOSTAL works on the basis of the principle of the quality policy, which is implemented by meeting the strategic objectives and programmes.

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Environmental policy

KOSTAL CR, as part of the Leopold KOSTAL GmbH concern, works in close partnership with its customers to manufacture electrical systems and components, which cover the entire scope of electromechanical, electronic and mechatronics technology designed primarily for the car industry.

Our company is aware that all activities associated with any industrial production have a negative effect on the quality of our environment, be that directly or indirectly, the environment in which we live together with our loved ones.

KOSTAL CR is therefore committed to active protection of the environment and in the future its activities will be governed by the following principles:

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Occupational safety and health policy

KOSTAL CR works in close partnership with its customers to produce electrical systems and components primarily intended for the car industry. The company’s management is aware of the fact that all of the activities associated with this production have a direct or indirect negative effect on the occurrence or the existence of various hazards and the resulting risks for the workers involved in carrying out the individual manufacturing processes associated with this production.

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